Upon graduating from Rice University with a Bachelor of Arts degree with Majors in Fine Arts and Architecture, I began working as an independent painting contractor. During my many years in Houston, I worked in the homes of many fine neighborhoods, and also in several restaurants such as Vincent’s, Nino’s, and the original Damian’s and also, too, some public spaces of mid-rise apartment complexes.

In 1998, upon marriage, I returned to the Trenton area where I had been raised and where much of my family still resided. My brother, Franklin, is a long practicing attorney, now retired, in Mercer County. My wife, Susan, is a children’s librarian also retired in the Mercer County Library System. Now with 26 years of work in the New Jersey, and the surrounding areas, I again have developed a very loyal and satisfied clientele.

I maintain an interest in doing artwork, and am a proud member of the Garden State Watercolor Society.

Please contact me for references or any further questions by calling (609) 882-1132 or (713) 702-3329.

My clients have said that I should call my company “Have Brush Will Travel” or
Magic Hands,” but I remain Lewis A. Flacks – Interior Painting.